How is a winner determined?

Our scoring for each guess is weighted on a 100pt scale with 65% of the score based on date and time (minutes, hours, or days off in either direction), 25% on correct sex, 5% on height (inches off in either direction) and 5% on weight (ounces off in either direction). The closer you are to the actual specs of the little one in these categories, the higher your point total within each category for a maximum of 65, 25, 5, and 5 points respectively.

  • 65 points: Birthday
  • 25 points: Sex
  • 5 points: Weight
  • 5 points: Height
= 100 possible points

Can I change the weighting of the categories?

Custom scoring options are not supported at this time.

How does scoring work if the sex is already known?

If already known, the baby’s sex becomes ineligible to bet on. All pool participants will automatically receive the maximum number of points (25) for this category.

Do you allow multiple bets per person?

Yes, we do. You can place additional bets under the same email address. This means people who don’t have email addresses (such as children) can still take part in the pool.

Can I change my bet after I’ve made it?

Only pool admins and godparents have the ability to modify bets. The best way to change your bet is to ask an admin or godparent to do it for you, or you can submit a new one.

How do I add payment information?

Baby Bookie does not accept monetary bets at this time. If you would like to add a cash prize or collect donations, we recommend asking pool participants to send money via PayPal or Venmo. You can do this in the pool description when you set up a new pool.

How do I announce the baby’s birth?

Click “Mark Baby as Born” from the menu items below Baby Bookie’s main navigation. On the next page you can compose your announcement which will be automatically emailed to everyone on your pool participant list.

What if we're having twins or triplets (or octuplets)?

First off, congratulations! Unfortunately we don't support multiples in a single pool. We recommend setting multiple pools up for "baby 1", "baby 2" etc.

How do I delete my pool?

Click on Update Pool and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see an option to delete your pool forever. There is no notification sent to the pool participants when a pool is deleted.

How do I delete my account?

All done with Baby Bookie? Head to My Account and scroll to the bottom of the page where you'll see an option to delete your account.