How is a winner determined?

Our scoring for each guess is weighted on a 100pt scale with 65% of the score based on date and time (minutes, hours, or days off in either direction), 25% on correct gender, 5% on height (inches off in either direction) and 5% on weight (ounces off in either direction). The closer you are to the actual specs of the little one in these categories, the higher your point total within each category for a maximum of 65, 25, 5, and 5 points respectively.

  • 65 points: Birthday
  • 25 points: Gender
  • 5 points: Weight
  • 5 points: Height
= 100 possible points

Do you allow multiple bets per person?

We currently do not support this (we believe in sticking to one prediction), but if this is something you'd like to have in your pool, a successful work-around for others has been using an alias through gmail such as, or If this is a feature you're passionate about let us know.

What if we're having twins or triplets (or octuplets)?

First off congratulations! Unfortunately we don't support that in one single pool. We recommend setting multiple pools up for "baby 1" and "baby2" (and "baby3" etcetera) respectively.